Our Products

Our Products

Impact Sled

Mainly used machine for impact safety testing. Endure over 50 years of use, and it is still used even now.In recent years it has also been applied to battery impact test etc.


Head impact test machine

Using head form to hit instrumental panel or other equipment for the shock testing.Mainly three kinds of type; horizontal, pendulum and multiple.

Horizontal head impact test machine Pendulum head impact test machine

Static Load Tester

Apply static load by using pnematic or electric power. Capable for headrest testing, roof strength testing, sidedoor strength testing and body compression testing. In addition, also used for design production for door, belt anchourage etc.

Three person headrest static load testing machine Seatbelt anchourage testing machine

Drop testing machine

Mainly used for the impact test for component or other parts. Choose any type which fits your needs; on board type, natural fall, forced fall etc.


Pedestrian protection testing machine

Assuming that a car collided with a pedestrian. Shoot a dummy to the vehicle to measure the impact on a dummy. Able to test head, leg and femur.(EEC compatible)


Sled for impact test

Used for impact test with the vehicle. Used for several kinds of tests; frontal impact, rear impact, side impact, small overlap test, pole impact test,motor cycle test. In addtion, there're several types of barrirer; fixed type, moving type, offset type etc.

Other product list

In addition to the above, we also produce following machines.
In addition, since it is totally custom-made, we can also customize it according to customer's needs.
If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

・Trip over tester ・IIHS-SUV side impact sled ・301side impact sled ・Pole side impact sled ・Domestic・EC side impact sled ・FMVSS201 side impact sled ・Cut body offset sled ・Multiple impact tester ・Body static rigidity tester ・Steering column impact tester ・One person head rest static load tester ・Three person head rest static load tester ・Falling type steering impact tester ・Airbag inflation tester ・Model section molding machine ・Ride confort tester ・Soft upper interier impact tester ・Roof strength tester ・Side door compression tester ・Side secondary impact tester ・Drive position mock up ・Speedometer ・Impact sled ・Seat frame rear moment load tester ・Dummy verification equipment ・Impact sled lighting equipment ・Ultra high speed liquid flow generator ・Airbag automatic measuring device